I have just a tiny bit of headspace left for the United States as the first Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor. One more week, in fact (although my pivot has already begun). Like FoodShed Planet (my 30,000-views-a-month blog from years ago), my focus starting November 1 for the second year of my term will be 100% global.

I’ll be shining a light on other bicycle mayors around the world making it more welcoming for women and girls, and further building out the You Go, Girl toolkit and Pedal Power with Pattie virtual classes (already accessed by hundreds of people globally). If you’d like to ensure your specific Metro Atlanta city is represented on the global map, now’s the time to apply or nominate someone to serve as your Bicycle Mayor. (Shhhh. It’s not official yet but someone in Middle Georgia is about to join us.)

I have four planned posts this week (in addition to my flurry of posts this morning):

  1. Final USA-based profile in the Meet series. I’m super-excited for you to meet this person;
  2. Update on my Georgia Tech Intro to User Experience course (I’m in week three of a five-week certificate course);
  3. Team Trust the Journey final standings in the Atlanta Bike Challenge for Biketober! We are currently in 1st place for Encourager points and in second place overall in all of Metro Atlanta (it is my 6th and final year leading the team);
  4. 1-year Executive Summary as Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor (see 6-month summary here).

Hope to see you out there Traveling at the Speed of Bike — and rollerskates 🙂