2021 Holiday Gift Guide!

You had to see it coming, team. My Holiday Gift Guide is all TikToks this year (of course)! They may take a second to load. Click links beneath each to connect and purchase featured items. Note some things are FREE. My gift to you.

Click here for links to all of this, plus I feature some of them separately below

You are #ArtInMotion while TravelingAtTheSpeedOfBike. If in a #covid19 hotspot country, consider #ArtsyBike facemask. Proceeds help others.

♬ Face Mask On – Xoro
Click here for the Artsy Bike Face Mask (my original art) More Artsy Bike merchandise (baby bib, water bottle, and lunch bag) here

Click “Book” in menu at TravelingAtTheSpeedOfBike.com to take a free peek. Plus, there’s a free #bookclub chat guide, a free audio reading, and more.

♬ The Life: Check It Out! – The Life Ensemble
Click here to buy my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike, all over the world (there’s a free Book Club Chat Guide and audio excerpt at that link as well) I also have two other books. This one is a very fast read, as is the one below (Bucket List –click here). The third one, Food for My Daughters (food for thought for a changing world, with chapter ending recipes) is a whole different experience that people really savor.

U can live your #BucketList in #2022 without spending a lot of money. This quick-read #ebook will change your life (it changed mine). #LiveOutLoud #TrustTheJourney

♬ Live out Loud (Live) – Sierra Boggess

Give FREE bike classes to someone you love (including yourself!) THAT’S a gift for life!

Click link to visit the Bike Book Shop, and more

♬ Bicycle Race – Lang Race Mix – Blümchen
Only Bike Bookshop in the world! (and yes, I used that same song over and over! I can’t get enough of it, or of riding my bicycle!!!!)
BikeNoodle acts like a traveling bike lane. Click here to order. Show us what you chose to write in the blank! Tag it #BikeNoodle on social media!

Reclaimed ocean plastic. Plasket

♬ A Tisket A Tasket – Ella Fitzgerald_
Can I say enough nice things about my Plasket bike basket, made from reclaimed ocean plastic? No. No, I cannot. I tote my rollerskates around in it every day, when it’s not already filled with groceries. Get yours here. (Thank you, Electrabike!) Here I am rocking it on #FancyWomenBikeRide day! (Note: Riding a bike in a gown is not easy. I don’t recommend that particular move.)

Banana travel case for #bike riding. Thanks, pocampo

♬ Go Bananas – Little Big
This banana case is a game-changer. Trust me on this one. I found out about it because the company that sells it, Po Campo, sponsored the National Bike Summit this year (the fact that I’m sending you to their website is a great reminder that #BikesMeanBusiness). Get yours here.
If you think bikes are life-changing, wait til you find out about rollerskates! If someone in your life needs a literal pivot, consider this gift. I bought Impalas. That’a a free endorsement — no one’s sponsoring me . . . yet! Follow my feed on TikTok or Instagram for lots of skating fun (and more).

Stay tuned! This company sent me this gorgeous boxful of products to road test! If I love them, I’ll let you know why you should use them, too!

♬ What’s the Buzz? – Tin Idols
Look at this crazy gorgeous package a small woman-owned-and-operated Canadian company named Nature Bee sent me! I’ve been road-testing these beeswax wraps while Traveling at the Speed of Bike and have made a bunch of TikToks about them. I’ll do a whole separate post about them. Short answer? I love them. Buy them here. And yes, I’ve tried products like this before and didn’t have the patience for them. Either this one is different, or I’ve changed. See below

I tried something like this years ago and didn’t yet have the patience or commitment. Either this product is better, or I’m now better. Either way, I love these #beeswaxwraps for snacks on my #bike rides. #NatureBee

♬ One Step At a Time – Jordin Sparks
I also adore this scrapbook-style book titled Humans in Our Food. Written by Robyn Metcalfe, it was sent to me by a publicist. I’ll do a separate post on this as well. I love that bike messengers got included! Buy it here.

See TravelingAtTheSpeedOfBike.com

♬ original sound – #SustainablePattie

And finally, if you are sick and tired of asking for safer streets and hearing crickets, you CAN take small actions into your own hands. We’ll call this final entry in my 2021 Holiday Gift Guide a Gift to the Street.

After a child was hit by a motor vehicle driver in my neighborhood, I requested a Shared Street sign from the HOA. I got no reply. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. So I made my own sign and just stuck it in the ground right next to my Sharing Garden (another Gift to the Street), where there are often children. It has made a difference!

Bottom line? There is always something you can do. And if my lived and learned experience is helpful to you, I’m happy to share. You can get your groovy sign here.

Happy holidays, everyone. Hope to see you out there Traveling at the Speed of Bike (and rollerskates!) One final gift idea — just paint stuff*! Everything old is new (and fun) again! (Those shoes were about to go in the trash, and they are now my faves!) (We’ll talk more about my bike chain bracelets another time!)

*or color! Enjoy this free downloadable coloring page! Post photos of your finished pages tagged #ArtsyBike! Enjoy these free self-guided bike tours in Metro Atlanta, USA — many of which have lots of free public art!