I’m currently gearing up (and lacing up!) for 2022*, but first I want to close out 2021 with this little shuffledance (which is a current global trend, along with bike riding and rollerskating), and a reminder to let your light shine. It is an act of resistance, as well as faith in the future. Sometimes, it just gets you through the day, especially now during so many days of darkness.

You (and I, and all of us) are needed, in all our full-bodied spirit, now more than ever. Follow on TikTok for more positive energy and rubber-hits-the-road encouragement.

*UPDATE: I have accepted a full-time position as a Communications Specialist with the CDC Foundation, working exclusively with the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services on wellness (and other) initiatives. I am super excited as I believe the multiple intersectional situations Alaska is facing can serve to inform other U.S. states, and the world, in important ways. Since it’s a fully-remote position, I also get to bike commute there (even if it’s just around the block or to a third-space to write). 🙂

“Free time” is at a premium, and therefore I am only considering very few, unique additional projects at a rate of $1,000 per hour. You get rubber-hits-the-road lived and learned truth that you are not currently getting from many of your consultants, which could significantly shorten the timeline for real (not greenwashed) achievement of your objectives and enhance the position of your company, municipality or organization as a global innovator.

I will still be working on select pro bono and personal passion projects (the global “You Go, Girl” toolkit, my refugee Sharing Garden, public play, and my sustainability influencer impact). See here for fun and helpful resources and merchandise (ALL proceeds used to help people ride bikes, grow food, and center joy).

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