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l keep trying to take my break for the year-end holidays, but this may be helpful to someone who is job hunting right now (or thinking about it).

There are literally thousands of jobs for communications specialists, writers, etc. right now. More than I’ve ever seen in my life.

As the first Metro Atlanta Bicycle Mayor with the Amsterdam-based social enterprise BYCS* (and 1 of only 6 in USA as part of global consortium of more than 130 others), I’m running occasional threads on my Twitter feed of available jobs in Metro Atlanta and what bike access here is like (as far as I know) for those who may want to finally get a job where you can bike commute (even if it’s just final-mile connectivity, an occasional commute option, or a lunchtime wellness ride). Follow on Twitter (Note: I’ve already accepted a new position — 100% remote — so these are jobs I am not considering, although I’m continuing to get bombarded by notices about them and am happy to share.) UPDATE: I’ve deleted these but recommend you search on boards yourself and consider bike access when evaluating a job opportunity.

If you don’t know how to ride a bike at all (but would like to) or need a refresher on bike handling, hazard avoidance, road rules, etc, see here for free classes I’ve created as a League Cycling Instructor. Here are safe routes I’ve created as a PeopleForBikes Ambassador (you may be shocked how much GOOD there is out there already — these are designed with my friend “Connie on a cruiser” in mind). (You could even just throw a bike in your car and use it to increase your wellness at lunchtime, or on the car-commute home at a greenway or park.)

If you are an employer or city that does not have safe bike access for all (not greenwashed paint-on-the-road), WITH mass transit connectivity (bikes allowed at all times on all MARTA buses, trains, and streetcars) AND secure bike parking, I can tell you with 100% certainty that you are losing qualified job candidates (as well as missing out on the e-cargo delivery boom). I, personally, rejected several very good-seeming jobs for that reason alone.

*My 2-year pro bono term serving the 10-county/70 city Metro Atlanta region ends on Halloween 2022, and I have already fulfilled the majority of my commitments to it. Your time to apply for your individual Metro Atlanta city or county is now! We can overlap during 2022 and I can share with you what I know. Here is my Year 1 Exec Summary, if interested.

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