Plans Shuffled? Join Me ShuffleDancing! (UPDATED!)

Have you had to shuffle plans due to COVID/Omicron? Me, too. We canceled our trip to New York because we’re not out of the woods yet, and I was feeling down about it yesterday for about a New York minute. Then I went to the woods.

I rode my bike, rollerdanced (it’s my 6-month anniversary since I joined that global trend), and even did my first push-up in like forever when I picked up my phone from the ground and saw that the trees looked pretty in the camera* — and, oh my lord, a total re-set.

I think it’s the deep breaths of all that activity that brought down my anxiety and elevated my mood. Honestly, it’s just simply magic. If you are feeling down, please consider some form of movement as a possible way to rebalance a bit.

Another movement-based trend about which I’ve been excited is shuffledancing. Originally from the Melbourne rave dance scene in the 1990s, it has exploded in popularity during the pandemic. Seriously, just google this thing. It’s stunning.

You can do it anywhere; wearing anything; at any age with modifications as needed; with no equipment or cost. My face hurts from smiling watching people doing it all over the world.

Wait, I’ll show you one or two. Here is a Chinese principal leading his students! That really does look achievable, don’t you think?

Here is a faster shuffledance that is, shall we say, aspirational lol:

There are even tons of videos of people shuffledancing from wheelchairs:

Truth? I think I can work up to doing something like this:

I’ve learned three steps so far. I’m learning a new shuffledance step for let’s say the next five days, and then we’ll put them together with enough time to practice for a year-end global virtual dance party.

I’m encouraging the use of any version of the song This Little Light of Mine, and suggesting using the hashtag it #LetItShine.

Join me. Let’s go viral in a good way.

The phrase “social distance” has a Joy-Centered, empowering, and Socially-Connecting word embedded in it, and that’s “dance.”

Let’s dance.


Let’s #shuffledance our way through these year-end holidays. Am a total beginner. Join me! #funny #selfcare #fyp

♬ original sound – #TrustTheJourney

Join me! Here’s the basic #shiffledance step. U can do this anywhere, with no equipment. Ridiculously fun! Tag it #PowerDance

♬ You Got the Power – One O’Clock Humph

UPDATE 12/23/21: Here’s the fourth step! Clearly needs more practicing!!! (Or not! I laugh each time I view this, and my god, we need laughter right now!) Below it is a chair version of the first four steps, if that feels more accessible to you. Follow on TikTok for the rest of the routine. We’re not going for perfect here, folks. Just center joy and trust the journey!


#duet with @eshhpat ok, I need to work on that lol thank u for your tutorial #shuffledance

♬ I get krazy – The real Huey Freeman✨

Here r the 1st 4 #shuffledance steps for the #global #NewYearsEve dance party, adapted for doing in a chair for increased accessibility. 4 more steps to go. Follow! #runningman #pollypocket #charlestonwv

♬ This Little Light of Mine (feat. Harvest) – Listener Kids

UPDATE 12/25/21: Here’s that fourth step, plus a fifth named The Jerk. See video below it for the full routine. I’ll do another one today that breaks it down again, and then we’ll practice all week!

Update 12/26/21: Here’s the whole routine, broken down into its 8 steps:


See previous posts for how this #shuffledance routine looks put together. Practice along with me this week as we lead up to the #global #NewYearsEve danceparty! #2021 #2022 #centerjoy #runningman #pollypocket #TheJerk #charleston #cuttingshapes

♬ 1,2,3,4 (One, Two, Three, Four) – Fun Elektro Mix – Funbeat

Update 12/30/21: Been practicing all week!

*Rollerskating and pushup updates

I chose that song because I was skating at the exact time I was supposed to be flying to NYC to see my family for Christmas

Lol not quite ready for 2 #pushups but there’s always tomorrow!

♬ original sound – #TrustTheJourney