One Foot in Front of the Other


There’s always an And.

There’s always another positive step forward we can take.

And so, I ride my bike as zero-emissions transportation every day. And I plant in synthetic-free soils. And I buy second-hand clothes and use a refillable water bottle instead of new petroleum-based products. And I donate time daily to the increasing bike class requests (see here) as the weather warms — and gas prices rise. And I rollerskate as my moving meditation, as a reminder to put one foot in front of the other, if nothing else feels possible.

And I limit my time around toxic people, and those who live in the gutter of failed imagination when outside-the-box thinking (or at least currently-known best practices) is needed now more than ever.

And I work in my professional capacity to encourage physical and mental resiliency in a state 3,300 miles away that’s 50% ahead of the rest of my country in climate change, and at direct risk of attack from Russia.

And I make my little upcycled bike waste earrings and share them with people, thinking maybe they’ll inspire someone else to create something new from something old.

Upcycled vegan leather bike waste earrings

And I try to help (or at least stay in touch with) my family — my husband, my daughters, the elders. And I eat my vegetarian meals (15 years this month; easiest change I ever made). And I share old posts from five and ten and fifteen years ago filled with useful info when it seemed like we were ready to make positive changes as a society but didn’t.

And I start and end each day on bended knee, saying my simple manifesto, written shortly after 9/11 and hanging ever since on my wall right where I leave the house each day:

8-point list of daily intentions

And I somehow, some way, continue to trust the journey — with full recognition that ultimately, we’re all just walking each other home.

And . . .

A new day dawns, and it starts again.

(What is your next And? What positive step will you continue to take, or begin, today?)

I loved that song when I was a little girl (during the Vietnam War, oil embargo, first Earth Day, and Women’s Lib and Civil Rights movements). Maybe it will help now (see related post: Cold War).