4. Glide

It’s time to add movement. Everyone’s afraid of falling at this point. Let’s get over that. Your feet are only gonna be an inch or two off the ground. You got this. (Hang tight — I’ll be adding a TikTok to show you soon.)

1. Glide by pushing off the ground slightly with one foot, and then brake and put your foot down. There. You are in control.

2. Glide with one foot and then the other, and then brake and put your feet down. Glide, glide, glide, glide and keep increasing the distance. You are learning to balance!

Important (I can’t stress this enough): When you want to stop, brake first and then put your feet down to stop. Literally say out loud to yourself, “Brake, and put your feet down.” If a friend helps you, they can say this to you as you are practicing. Most loss-of-control happens if you put your feet down before braking.

3. When you feel ready, let’s try this on the slight hill. Give a little push with your feet and take your feet up off the ground slightly, go a little distance, and then brake and put your feet down. Breathe in and out to stay relaxed. Practice five more times. You are doing it! Feels good, right?