The Person for Whom I’ve Been Preparing This Garden Has Appeared

The person for whom I’ve been preparing this garden the past eight months (unbeknownst to either of us) appeared yesterday. As usual when these things happen, he seemed to drop out of thin air. And I don’t believe there was any doubt in either of us that this simple meeting, this simple human exchange, was meant to happen. 

And so, that is that. I’ll go by a couple more times to make sure the pass-off happens smoothly. I’ll plant some mint from my home garden there, which is the number one thing he says he wants to grow as it reminds him of his own garden, now so far away. (Peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, zucchini, and some herbs are planted, and leafy greens have been growing since the beginning). And I will then move on, continuing to trust the journey, as always.

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