How to Get Your #BikeBloom Earrings

Hi, all. You may have seen me gathering buttercups. I use them as an accent on handcrafted plantable-paper packaging for my upcycled earrings made from old bike tubes from REI (and other bike waste). These are free (while supplies last) when you donate $125 to Global Spokes, a local bike shop (Clarkston, GA — the most diverse square mile in the USA) that provides bikes, helmets, locks, and lights to refugees-of-war (including women and girls, such as the girls at the Global Village Project school) for transportation to work and school. (Meet their primary mechanic, Mike Flueckiger, here — his story is fascinating and he is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.)

Send me confirmation of your donation. I will then be happy to show you choices, and can even custom-make a different combo of “feather” and hardware. If you see me around (mostly Traveling at the Speed of Bike), I’m usually wearing them (note: they are very light and comfortable — they’ve already been road-tested around the world). Thank you for supporting this important project. (If interested, see #BikeBloom on TikTok for how they are made and other fun insights.)

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