BikeBloom Playlist Now on Spotify

Rock your BikeBloom upcycled bike tube earrings all summer in the city (and beyond) while rockin to this custom-created playlist, available right now for free on Spotify! It features 52 minutes of feel-good tunes from the last biggest bike boom! Perfect for Traveling at the Speed of Bike! For those of you in Metro Atlanta, USA, here are some welcoming routes. Or add and share your own routes from anywhere to the PeopleForBikes Ridespot app!

Sneak peek at BikeBloom Summer in the City playlist on Spotify

Note: Always keep one ear headphone/ear pod free. This is actually required by law when riding a bike on the road in most places. Find out more rubber-hits-the-road rules, tips, and tricks at my free bike classes, available via text, TikTok, downloadable PDF and occasionally in person.