Blooming Bikes!

I was shocked and ecstatic to find there are actually now more bike racks in my local park! And to discover they tie in perfectly with my new brand, BikeBloom? Hallelujah!!!


#BikeRacks added to park!!!!!! Small pedals forward!!!! Now to add #popupprotection to every #dangerousbydesign road and #falsebikelane that leads here! @peopleforbikes

♬ Chorus: Hallelujah! – Handel
Hallelujah chorus while viewing new flower-themed bike racks!

BikeBloom FREE in-person classes* will now meet at these brand-new stunning local-artist-created** blooming bikes! The July class will be announced soon (June is already booked — here was May). We may also start hosting a casual mid-week ride on the trail in the park (maybe to the food trucks on Thursday evenings). Stay tuned! (Note: every road that leads to this park, unfortunately, has dangerous-by-design subpar paint-on-the-road instead of actual safe access for bike riders — see my user’s guide to riding a bike in this self-proclaimed family-friendly city if you are going to use your bike as transportation).

*branded as Pedal Power with Pattie the past six years — funded through sales of my book and now also my upcycled bike tube earrings on plantable packaging

**Huelani Mei