It’s a Vibe

It’s a vibe. Join us

There are multiple styles (two shapes — in solid black or with a white, blue or yellow stripe; or with words as found on the actual tubes; see photos). They come in pairs (two-abreast for $39) and solos (singletrack for $24). Every earring is meticulously handcrafted and thus infused with love, plus we can make them to order as supplies allow. Message us if you want two singletracks for the two-abreast price. That’s a fun way to custom-create an asymmetrical pair, start to build a singletrack wardrobe, or have twice the way to share gifts. 

Although this shop is new, BikeBloom earrings have been road-tested around the world. Folks are overwhelming shocked at how light they are, and they have become the go-to favorites of most people who have tried them. We even offer a free BikeBloom Summer in the City playlist on Spotify if you want to rock your BikeBloom earrings to some vintage rock (and more) while riding your bike!

Oh, and did we mention the handcrafted packaging (made from the seemingly-constant barrage of bad news) is plantable? It transforms tragedy into wildflowers as our own little art therapy during these challenging times, and because we have a feeling you’re wild in spirit (or want to be again). 

All proceeds from BikeBloom as well as the book Traveling at the Speed of Bike are used to help more people ride bikes. See here for free bike classes, a free newsletter, and more.

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