Healthy You in 2022 Halfway Point!

The good news? My project as a CDC Communications Specialist with the State of Alaska (4,300 miles away, 100% remotely and successfully) is just about to hit the halfway point! It includes so much info and inspiration that may be helpful to you or those you love.

The Healthy You in 2022 website, blog posts and extensive social media inspire Alaskans (and everyone) to increase physical activity and improve mental health, nutrition, sleep, and healthy-habit goal-setting as we start to build a wellness bridge back from the pandemic. Each themed quarter ends with a capstone video series across all communications touchpoints featuring diverse Alaskans. You can see the videos to-date on Instagram Reels. They’re hopeful, and that’s needed now more than ever.

The bad news? The contracts for the 3,500 of us who have been hired to help state departments of health (and more) across the USA end July 31, with only some of us extended through October. I don’t know if that includes me yet, but I will tell you that this job has been astounding and I am deeply grateful to have had this opportunity when my Peace Corps service got delayed for the sixth time. As the CDC Foundation contractor hired to write and project-manage this initiative, I hope I get to finish it! And then I hope to take my expanded wellness, sustainability, and climate change knowledge to my Next Big Thing.

Trust the journey, amirite?