Rockin’ BikeBloom Earrings and an E-Bike in Chamblee, Georgia, USA!

I whipped around the Metro Atlanta suburb-city of Chamblee, Georgia yesterday (rockin my BikeBloom earrings, of course), with the hopes of creating a PeopleForBikes Ridespot tour for you (like these). Here I am in front of my friend Kyle’s mural there:

Chamblee, Georgia, USA (under Peachtree Street at Clairmont Road)

I had considered offering a Chamblee self-guided bike tour previously and had rejected it for various reasons (see Frosty Reception). But forward movement continues in that little city-by-the-tracks, and I think it’s possible now to share a route that’s welcoming, including:

  • A multiuse path to places I actually want to go (hello, supermarket — see TikTok below and follow me on TikTok — there a couple more Chamblee TikToks, plus lots more);
  • Some fun public play in revitalized spaces (photo above — yes, there’s a TikTok*);
  • Local businesses to support (cupcakes, anyone?);

So that’s coming (maybe) in the next few days . . .



Rockin my #BikeBloom earrings while working on a new @peopleforbikes #Ridespot #bike tour! This one is in ChambleeGA. See many more at (Places tab)

♬ original sound – Pattie Baker #BikeBloom Maker