The Positive Purpose of Rejection

Hi, all! What exciting times we live in, with increasing ways to change the world for the better in both our personal and professional lives. The road forward, however, is rarely smooth and is filled with rejection. Here’s a little current story about how rejection can be a true gift.

I am carefully considering my next move (the CDC Foundation funding ends for 3,500 of us across the USA October 15). I am a proven asset with no doubt about what I bring to your table. The project I’m on right now in service to the State of Alaska is one of the best of my life for so many reasons, including that my current life stage affords unprecedented flexibility as part of a diverse team across time zones. 

I’ve decided to be transparent in this search in case it is helpful to others, especially in dealing with rejection. I’ve been a writer/content creator for all of my adult life, which means I’ve submitted thousands of pitches and received a lot of rejection in between successes. I love the saying that success means trying 100 things and 99 of them fail :). That is my lived truth, as is this:

Keep failing forward! It helps refine your path. Your destiny is calling, and rejection lights the way. Embrace it. Love it. Celebrate it. Use it to fuel your passion and purpose.

Thank you, IHG Hotels & ResortsREI, and Mohawk Industries for your recent rejections of my applications :). New opportunities continue to emerge — and, as always, I trust the journey.