I Nailed the Great Climate Change Challenge 2022!

The email came quickly announcing my achievement. I nailed the PeopleForBikes Great Climate Change Challenge 2022! It was my 190th bike ride in 2022, which is the numerical goal of the challenge and now qualifies me for a cool patch! Join the challenge on the PeopleForBikes Ridespot app and qualify for your cool patch, too! Add more incentives to it for your company as part of a Workplace Wellness initiative — although you’ll quickly discover that the joys of Traveling at the Speed of Bike are incentive enough!

Knowing it was ride 190, I chose to make this momentous occasion extra special by doing something close to my heart so I toured food pantry, community and school gardens in the Metro Atlanta city where I live — many of which I helped start or advised on! Most of them are still going strong. Some are in “respite mode” awaiting new stewardship.

Here are three TikToks from the fun adventure (follow me on TikTok at SpeedOfBike). I have a LOT more to say about this, including a little bit of a big idea that’s growing in my wild mind, possibly for 2023 (stay tuned!) . . .