Meet at Most Gorgeous Bike Rack in USA!

BikeBloom casual rides coming soon to cities across the USA? Stay tuned!

In the meantime, join me Wednesday, July 27th for a FREE 2-mile casual bike ride, specifically designed for women and girls (who are underrepresented in public space — but all are welcome), completely separated from motor vehicles! Gently hilly 2-mile ride is from 11:15-12:15. Meet at 11 at the most gorgeous bike rack in the USA (!) to loosen up, if desired, or to practice a little bit if it’s been awhile!

No tix required. Bring a bike or adaptive cycle that fits you with working brakes and at least three gears — or an e-bike/cycle! (There is currently no available bikeshare, unfortunately.) The park requires helmets. Bring a water bottle. There are lots of bathrooms and a water fill-up station! See details here.

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