Atlanta Is Now Off the Global Map

I’m done. Metro Atlanta is now officially off the global map as having an active bicycle mayor (and rollerskater!) as part of the global consortium of more-than-130 bicycle mayors with the Amsterdam-based social enterprise BYCS. Here was my 1-year executive summary as the first person serving the 10-county, 70-city Metro Atlanta area in that capacity. I am, however, available to serve as a mentor for a new bicycle mayor for the region or any of the individual counties or cities until Biketober. See here for how to apply.

Big thanks to the Metro Atlanta city councilors, nonprofit leaders, bike advocacy folks, small business owners, and others who supported my application and to all those with whom I’ve crossed paths and collaborated these past two years close to home and around the world (especially the wonderful Canadian bicycle mayors). BYCS is doing amazing work, and it would benefit our region to stay involved.

I’ve left many globally-accessible assets that could be helpful to others.

And now, as always, onward.