21 Years

So I look at my blog stats this morning and I see this bar chart. The day is young and today will probably pass the previous two days in views, but it knocks my socks off. The Twin Towers. There they are. And I’m back there yet again. Like a ton of bricks. Or, shall I say, falling metal.

On this 21st anniversary, however, with all that’s happened the past few years, I know my ideals and dreams for our shared world are bigger and better than my country’s (or at least what’s being demonstrated by our so-called “leaders” both nationally and locally). I know that we are better, individually and collectively, than the news headlines indicate. I know that we face our greatest challenges — and opportunities– ahead, and that together we can make a positive, measurable difference. That we must.

I re-read my books from time to time. I sometimes think their sole purpose was as letters to my future self. And here I am, 21 years older, hearing and heeding them still.

Plant seeds. Ride a bike. Center joy (in all its conundrum).

Trust the journey. 

I just keep coming back to that, and frankly, it’s all I have to offer. I hope it’s helpful.

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