“How I Nourish,” Alaska’s Increasing Relevance Around the World, and a Shout-0ut to My Colleagues/Friends

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services Q4 video series (How I Nourish) for the Healthy You In 2022 campaign is running right now across social media (with new videos premiering each day) and it’s really quite lovely. I think you’ll enjoy, and be inspired by them at a time that’s needed. (They are running on Instagrams Reels in 1-minute versions; in longer versions on Facebook, Twitter; and in both versions on YouTube.) Big shout-out to our team of videographers (and the rest of the Healthy You team) and to the Alaskans who shared their stories.

Take a peek back on that Instagram Reels link, if interested, at Q1’s How I Move videos and Q2’s How I Thrive videos. Q4’s How I Persist videos are in production right now and will run in December as part of the thrilling conclusion (there are more fun things coming at the end as well). 

Here’s the Healthy You in 2022 website, if interested, with links to monthly blog posts, social media and resources that align with the quarterly themes. There is lots on that website that is helpful to people anywhere, not just in Alaska. Follow on social media for much more throughout Q4. It’s already written, so I know what’s coming and I think you’ll find it helpful!

Bottom line: You are not alone, and positive change is possible.

It has been my great honor to be part of this important project as project manager and writer (from 4,277 miles away and across time zones — which enables me to shift my hours, as well as my bike gears, every day) at this crossroads of change — and challenge to resiliency — in our world*. (A special big thanks to Janet Folk, Margaret Anthony and Paula Kocher Barnes for tipping me off to opportunities at the CDC Foundation after my scheduled Peace Corps service to Uganda was derailed due to COVID, and to my astounding bosses Celia Jackson and Elizabeth Manning. Also, hi to super-talented Toni Perling! I love that I have a new Chattahoochee River walking buddy as a result of this! That’s a rubber-hits-the-road Healthy You in 2022 outcome!) 

My CDC Foundation employment (along with that of 3,500 of my colleagues nationwide as funded by the grant, including my amazing Alaska colleague Ryan Cunningham who has been spearheading COVID communications) ends October 15. We have served our country in a wide variety of functions in a time of need, and I can confidently say after hearing my colleagues’ updates at monthly meetings: They understood the assignment 🙂 (as we like to say on my beloved TikTok). Please be alert for these people in your communities across the USA and consider them for job opportunities if your needs align. Onward!

And soon it’s time to nourish myself — and our ever-changing world — in new and exciting ways. Hope to see you out there Traveling at the Speed of Bike 🙂

* Note that Alaska is experiencing climate change at a rate three times most of the rest of the world. We have much to learn from Alaskans. I will share more specifics about what I’ve learned this year in an upcoming post. It has been mind-blowing.

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