Livin’ the Dream

Well, that was cleansing! I deleted years (and 6,000 posts) off my Instagram life and boiled down my feed to this:

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Let’s face it — all I’ve ever dreamed of being is a full-time financially successful author. The rest (work-wise) is filler (although, my god, I’ve been able to do some work I’ve really loved and work-for-hire does pay the bills). Ain’t there yet, team. But if you can dream it, you can live it, right?

I’m aiming to live the dream in 2023. Join me. Enjoy the books, if you are so inclined. And follow along as the journey continues with my new work-in-progress, ‘Round America with a Duck.

If you’re an author, too, I see you — and I’ll look for you on #BookTok and #Bookstagram! (I follow back.) Hang in there . . . and trust the journey 🙂

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