Opening Doors

So I rode my bike yesterday on the first day of 2023 with Disco and his new little duck friend, on the greenway where I push my mom in a wheelchair every Sunday. I wore another disco suit from Goodwill (see the other one).

I left two of my other books at the beautiful Little Free Library right on the trail — maybe it would open new doors for people, and for me. I glistened in the sun like a rainbow, and more passersby than ever smiled and chatted with me. I did a little duck dance, and even found a shiny penny, heads up, later in the day.

Things are looking bright.

I just finished my cover letter to literary agents with the hope of securing representation for Round America with a Duck. The chapter heads are written, and I’m working on the full proposal and first chapter this week. I hope to hit the send key to a small, carefully-selected set of agents by January 11, the date chosen for no good reason except a goal is a dream with a deadline, so setting that goal is step one for making this dream come true.

In the meantime, I’ll hit the road every day this week with my bikes, Disco, and his new little duck friend.

And hope, of course. Always hope. As Emily Dickinson wrote, hope is the thing with wings that perches in the soul. And I’m doing this thing on a wing and a prayer.

Join me.