Unlock Your Future

Hang in there, team. Unlock your full potential — and a future you may be barely able to imagine right now — by staying engaged and inspired. Big warning: You will reflect the energy of the people with whom you spend time — if you are feeling dragged down, switch things up a bit. You may be in the wrong room (personally, my room’s got no roof). Your heart knows where it wants to go. Go. You have the power.

Join me in the fun as I transcend some of my fears these last days of January and get ideas and encouragement for your own audacious goals (note: any goal that you dare to set during these trying times, no matter how seemingly-small, is audacious). Be sure to follow here, on Round America with a Duck, on Medium, on TikTok, and on Instagram! My upcoming multi-platform editorial coverage will include:

  • A pilot test of Greyhound Bus with my folding bike in ongoing preparation for Round America with a Duck (Virgo that I am);
  • A visit to a Hare Krishna temple in preparation for my stay at a similar temple across the country which is the largest llama rental facility in Utah (see my full route here);
  • An interview with a man who is teaching and inspiring youth to plant and care for fruit trees around the world;
  • A #FreeArtFriday drop of my BikeBloom works of art (these things are so frickin’ gorgeous*);
  • An update on my first batch of Round America with a Duck queries to literary agents;
  • And yet more painting (of course) — shoes! bikes! earrings!

Plus, spring is about to explode here in Metro Atlanta and that’s always rejuvenating. Daffodils are already blooming in Atlanta, the garlic is up and the Japanese magnolias are maybe a week away from being traffic-stopping.

Speaking of being traffic-stopping, I hope to see you out there Traveling at the Speed of Bike. If this is the year you’re gonna dig out that old bike or learn to ride for the first time, I got you covered:

And to those of you who are making it more welcoming to access and ride bikes, thank you.

Trust the journey,


* I could not love these more. Upcycled bike tubes (vegan leather!) and rescued bike hardware. Sterling silver hypoallergenic hooks. Each an original work of handcrafted hand-painted art. Super light. Clearly fun and fashionable. Made in Georgia, available around the world just through February on Etsy, in select boutiques in New York City and Los Angeles (to come), and occasional Free Art Friday drops. You can also get the original-art mini-skirt on RedBubble.