Do I Bring the Hammock?

I’m carrying a small and tightly-curated amount of stuff on my journey Round America with a Duck, and now is the time I’m evaluating each and every thing. (I’ve already pilot-tested a backpack full on a two week stay in a tiny house while WWOOFing on a farm a few months ago.)

In the scheme of serious questions in the world today, this question doesn’t rate. But it’s a question I’m asking myself just the same: Do I bring the hammock?

I love the hammock. I tote it around with me on my bike pretty regularly. It gives me a place for privacy and escape. I can use it as a picnic or body blanket in a pinch. But it’s bulky. And how much use will it really get?


I’m packing super light. Only essentials. Small question in the scheme of issues in this world, of course, but yes or no to the #hammock while traveling #RoundAmericaWithADuck via #bikes #buses #trains and working on #organicfarms for my new book. Drop a comment! #foryoupage #fyp #booktok #authorsoftiktok

♬ La vie en rose – Instrumental – Laura Sullivan

I have a different one that is made out of a waterproof material. Maybe that one’s lighter. Maybe that one could be used as a tarp as well. Maybe I need to road-test that one a bit.

Decisions, decisions . . .

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