The new batch of handcrafted, hand-painted BikeBloom upcycled bike tube earrings — each a work of art — are now READY for you! What’s more, I gotta move this inventory OUT since I’m six weeks away from going Round America with a Duck via bikes, buses, trains and WWOOFing on organic farms as experiential research for my new book! So, I’m offering 40% off throughout February when you use the code BIKEBLOOMIN. And then the Etsy shop closes.

Click here for the BikeBloom shop on Etsy. Use code BIKEBLOOMIN for a 40% discount

This is your first and last chance to get them there*. And trust me, you’re gonna want ’em. They are fun, fashionable and surprisingly light. Great conversation pieces. Your perfect riding accessory for National Bike Month and beyond. And even inspiring, perhaps giving you ideas for your own for ways to upcycle and reclaim things — maybe even the lost joy of feeling like a kid again, at a time when joy (including as an act of resistance) is needed more than ever.

Wanna rock BikeBloom earrings while riding a bike but don’t know how? I’m a League of American Bicyclists Cycling Instructor who specializes in teaching women and girls (who are currently underrepresented in our public spaces, are close-passed and harassed more often when we do represent, and have an oversized local economic impact). I see you. I got you. Join the thousands of people around the world who have already taken my free virtual bike classes. Seniors-on-trikes? I even got you covered. (And you do know that 10,000 people turn 65 every single day in the USA, right? And that 50% of people with disabilities can ride a regular two-wheeled bike and 78% can ride sone sort of adaptive cycle?)

If you are in Metro Atlanta, check out my free virtual bike tours, specifically curated to be accessible. And let’s celebrate the growing movement of people making it more welcoming to ride bikes. It has been my great honor to shine a light on some of them.

Please follow my TikTok at SpeedofBike (where #BikeBloom already has 47k views, and #RoundAmericaWithADuck has 31k!) to see my road-tests across the USA during my upcoming journey. I’m trying to get to 1,000 followers by the time I depart so that I can go LIVE and bring you real-time coverage of our country-in-action. And, yep, BikeBloom earrings are going the distance with me, the bike and the ducks. In fact, they match them!

* You can still get my other styles FREE (and they even come on my handcrafted plantable paper that transforms the day’s tragic news into wildflowers!) when you donate $125 USD to Global Spokes, which provides bikes, helmets, locks and lights to refugees-of-war in and around the most diverse square mile in the USA. I even have a free bike tour of that city for you (see number 8), plus meet the head mechanic — and my dear friend — Mike Fluekiger here.