You Are Enough

So I bought a sweatshirt I saw on TikTok that I thought would be great to wear while traveling Round America with a Duck, specifically during the many bus and train trips between bike rides and WWOOFing on organic farms. Lots of line-standing and midnight transfers ahead of me! Why not spread positive messages with people with whom I share space and time in this disconnected world?

You are enough.

After wearing it yesterday while doing one of my fave bike rides to check on my Sharing Garden (now passed on to a new family) at a refugee community garden and seeing how what I did was enough to move things forward, I realized maybe the message on the sweatshirt is for me, too.

I am enough.

Take a look at the message on the back as well. I know a lot of folks would benefit from that reminder. There are days I also need to hear it.

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I decided to stop a moment and be. To make wishes on dandelion fluff, play in public, dance like no one’s watching, explore wherever the wind blows me, and revel in the beauty and glory of being alive for one more miraculous gift of a day. (Yes, I’m trying to stop measuring bike infrastructure lol. Hard habit to break.)


Today was a typical Saturday ride to check on my #refugee SharingGarden, which has now been passed on to a family. I love this ride. That’s Rajesh at the #JollyAvenueGarden waving. That great covered bike rack is at the DecaturRecreationCenter. The #oyster shell #recycling is at #KimballHouse (which also lines its #chefsgarden with shells). Yes, I carry a measuring tape and can’t stop measuring #bike infrastructure. I’n trying to break that habit lol #Decatur #Clarkson #art #PATHfoundation #AvondaleEstates #Fellinis #RefugeCoffee #GarageDoorStudio #BikesMeanBusiness #GreenesFineFoods The #shuffledance stairs are right by #AgnesScottCollege #DiscoDuck #YouDoYou #YouAreEnough #MARTA #bethechange

♬ Theme From Peanuts (Linus And Lucy) – From: Peanuts – Knights Bridge

And that’s that for a bit. I’ve done enough for now. I’m 15 days away from departure (here’s the confirmed route), and I’m going to give myself a little break from a whole bunch of things so I can clear my mind. It’s been busy putting this puzzle together. And the hammock calls.

Thank you for joining me on the journey so far. If interested, here are 7 easy ways to stay involved.

See you soon!

Trust the journey,


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