It starts with a wave

fullsizeoutput_b82I was riding in what’s known as the “sweep position” on a little ride with an Atlanta Bicycle Coalition class for Habitat for Humanity homeowners on their new bikes yesterday when an older man (in yellow in the photo) on the first bike he had ridden in years waved to someone on a porch. And in that moment the power of homes plus bikes came alive for me. Being able to ride a bike and wave to a neighbor creates a habitat for humanity. It’s just that simple.

Every single one of these newly-back-on-bike riders raised their hand when asked if they intended to ride the Atlanta Beltline’s just-opened Westside Trail. They are secure in their homes, but many folks living in proximity to Belty are not as rising rents lead to gentrification, forcing low-income folks out. This must change. We must create not just a habitat for humanity, but a habit of humanity. It starts with a wave.

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