Big ideas: trike share and chair share

34936638281_ca6fda121b_oBig idea #1: Adult trikes added to bikeshares all over the USA. Seniors, in particular, who used to ride bikes but may now be uncomfortable on a two-wheeler, love adult trikes and should be able to participate more fully in our cities’ expanding bike infrastructure. Also, the trikes with a basket in the back are great for anyone to use to run errands, thereby expanding local sales.

Big idea #2: wheelchair share (“chair share”). We all know and love people who don’t regularly use wheelchairs but can’t walk that far, and wheelchairs are difficult to haul around to use just for a short while to get from point A to point B or to attend outdoor events. Those who need a little help should be able to fully enjoy our pedestrian networks, parks, businesses, arts, and amenities without relying on door-to-door car service and costs.

Which city wants to be first?

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