Connecting Dot

IMG_1813-1.JPGDot, one of our Silver Spokes seniors-on-trikes students, had her fourth class yesterday and has now mastered most of the League of American Bicyclist’s Smart Cycling skills on two comfortable routes around the City of Decatur, GA — one that’s two miles; one that’s three miles — that she can do when she gets her own adult tricycle soon. We’ve helped her connect the dots so she can now get to the supermarket, medical center, library, restaurants, recreation center (and more) without a car while getting exercise, having fun, and being a more visible member of the community.

If you are a senior in metro Atlanta (you don’t need to live in Decatur), sign up for the 4-week October session (Thursday from 10:00 AM — 11:30 AM) by calling Decatur Active Living’s Sara Holmes at 678-553-6559. It is taught by two League Cycling Instructors (myself and Niklas Vollmer), and it’s underwritten by the city’s Active Living Department so it’s just $5 a week for seniors to participate. Trikes and helmets are provided. (Warning: it could make you feel like a kid again.)

Why not do this where you live? As Dot told us, “I hope as people see me, other seniors will realize what fun and effortless exercise this is!”