In perfect harmony

GOPR4824La, la, la. I had the roads practically to myself on Saturday morning in Downtown Atlanta. I got a text from one of my fave riding buddies later that day that Belty (the Eastside Trail part) was unrideable (even in the cold) due to its popularity. This photo is two miles away from that. It was a pretty clear ride straight up Peachtree Street from here, just taking the lane with my streamers flying, in perfect harmony* with drivers safely passing me when needed.



If you’re stuck on Belty today, try my Escape from Belty and Best of Atlanta routes (that link includes two other routes as well — the Basic Belty, and how to get to all this via train from the suburbs). If you live elsewhere in the USA, consider your city’s downtown or business district if it’s the type that closes down shop after the Monday-to-Friday 9-to-5.




If you need some road skills here in metro Atlanta to feel comfortable when the inevitable FedEx truck blocks your way, stay tuned as I announce my next FREE once-a-month semi-private classes for women new and returning to bikes — February is booked already with Ella, April is a maybe in Rock Mill Park in Alpharetta using Zagster bikeshare, and May will be in Decatur (where I used to teach Seniors on Trikes**).

Plus, of course, don’t miss my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike. I guarantee you will find something useful or illuminating in there that’s applicable to where you live. (Note: If you already read it and loved it, please leave a review on Amazon. It helps me reach more people for whom it could be useful.)

*And, yes, I’d like to teach the world to ride! (Thanks, Coca Cola sign, for the reminder.)

**See my Seniors on Trikes Recommendations for your city here. FYI, I heard from Dot and she ordered an e-trike!

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