I’m “routing” for you! (Updated with the maps)

25659796_10155327140187887_6006427503443249522_nHave you made it a goal to get back on bike in 2018? Have you heard all the positive buzz about how bike-friendly the City of Atlanta is becoming but don’t know where to go?

I’m rooting for you! Or, should I say, routing, as I’m working on a series of route maps for anyone who wants to ride a bike in Atlanta on mostly separated and protected bike lanes and paths but would like someone to “show them around” first. These are routes I’ve put together through trial and error that I consider to be safe for a woman riding alone (since I ride them all the time) that are also perfect for families, friends, tourists and business visitors, and corporate groups out for a fun spin.

My “Routing for You!” maps won’t just show the route but will also include tips and suggestions including nearest MARTA stops (specifically for my suburban friends who are intrigued when I tell them that riding in Atlanta is MUCH easier and safer than riding in the ‘burbs, and it’s just minutes away on the train!); local businesses to support along the way when you get hungry (I have some faves); bathrooms that are safe and clean; possible “conflict points” and ways to avoid them with Smart Cycling techniques from the League of American Bicyclists. I will provide these colorful, quick-glance visuals for FREE on downloadable PDFs that you can access on your phone, or that you can print and carry with you (if you prefer).

I’m sharing routes from 4 to 10 miles long, with clear mention about both hills (which is a major barrier to bike riding here in Atlanta). My objective is to provide all the information you need to make an educated choice about a comfortable route for your bike riding goals, without having to worry too much about mixing it up with motor vehicle traffic (because that’s not fun, although, my goodness, if you haven’t had the extraordinary feeling of taking the lane yet, it’s worth considering in low-speed, low-traffic areas, which I’ll point out). Each route has endless possibilities for expansion and alternatives as well. Follow along with me on this blog and I’ll share those variations as the year unfolds.

I am truly rooting for you to join me on this joy-based journey. Life is too short for bad bike rides, and there’s no reason to wait 20 years for a safe route anymore as there are so, so many good choices out there right now.

Note: you may find my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike, helpful as well.

UPDATE! Jan. 22: Here are the route maps and tips!