Film, music, visual art

GOPR4393You may or may not have heard that the State of Georgia is now number one in the world in feature film productions, due to heavy state incentives, a wide variety of location options, and an increasingly skilled local workforce. That means that when you’re traveling at the speed of bike, you often find yourself riding right through films in progress. Whole schools have opened to train future production crews, and the State of Georgia is even offering free tuition at select technical colleges for movie production and set design. Additionally, my seniors-on-trikes co-teacher, is, in fact, a film professor at Georgia State University. It’s not uncommon to come across his students, and others throughout the area, filming as well.

And let’s give a shout-out to the music industry while we’re at it — Atlanta is the center of hip hop, rap, and more. The guys pictured above seemed like they were making a music video when I rode past them yesterday. Add the whole street mural scene (and just plain old legal graffiti, as in this tunnel), and you end up with a very rich publicly-accessible climate of support for the arts.

I’m a fan.