Boston, here we come

25084806728_27ec1cb067_oWe just got word that my younger daughter will be attending college in Boston the next four years. After a spectacular experience in Pittsburgh with my older daughter, we are excited to embrace this new city as a student and as visitors. In fact, I’ve already road-tested bikeshare there and eyed the infrastructure challenges throughout the city. (The university is also a vegan and sustainable dreamland for food options, and the city has a walkscore through the roof — both of which mattered to my daughter.) I look forward to showcasing my experiences there over time. I love that the bike model is the same one as Citibike in my beloved New York City.

In the meantime, our next trip will be to visit our older daughter in Los Angeles. And, yes, I’ve already researched bikeshare there. In fact, it’s the same company as the one I call Sharey in Atlanta, and I believe I can use my same membership.

How small the world gets when you’re Traveling at the Speed of Bike!