Bill Cunningham at Trump Tower

That time I went in search of the commemorative sign that was supposed to be erected honoring beloved photojournalist (and avid bike rider) from The New York Times Style section*, Bill Cunningham, not long after his death at age 87 (and right after our most recent presidential election) but found a very different scene . . .

It’s in chapter seven of my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike**, and it may tide you over until the secret memoir from Bill Cunningham that was just discovered (reported this week in The New York Times, naturally) is published in September (to coincide with Fashion Week).

Note: There are only two names I don’t change in my book — that of famed journalist Gay Talese, and Bill Cunningham. (Well, there is a brief mention of Mrs. Costello also . . . she lived next door to me.) I am so grateful that I could honor him in my book, and that the release of his memoir will ensure that his name is not forgotten.

*and subject of the stunning documentary, Bill Cunningham New York

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