Free Art Friday

FreeArtFriday-2Free Art Friday is a thing in many cities. Artists leave their art out in public for others to find and keep, and they communicate clues about the whereabouts via photos on social media. The first person to find each piece “claims” it by posting a photo of it on Instagram, tagged with the artist’s handle plus whatever the artist said on the back of the piece to tag — usually some version of #FreeArtFriday, #faf, or, here in Atlanta, #fafatl. I’ve claimed art before, and I’ve left art (street photography, bike chain bracelets, and more). It’s ridiculously fun (and fun matters in this world, especially now).

Today, the art I’m leaving is my book, Traveling at the Speed ofBike, in places that are part of my story. I already put three out there (photos above as clues) — in the City of Clarkston, the City of Decatur, and the Inman park neighborhood of the City of Atlanta (note how close it is to my fave doughnut shop and you know where I went yesterday). I’m dropping five more today — most likely in Midtown Atlanta, Downtown Atlanta, and on Belty in Gallery 26, as well as in the City of Dunwoody, GA. Not only is this fun, but I don’t want cost to be a barrier to access for anyone.

I’m looking forward to seeing who claims them, and what happens next. As always, I’m trusting the journey . . .

Update: Here are the rest of the #FreeArtFriday drops for today (in addition to the earlier three), plus Today’s Nice Stranger, Nicky. He is here temporarily from West Palm Beach, FL, and had never seen a Little Free Library before and thought it was pretty cool.