As accessible as possible


There’s stuff in my book that could be helpful to communities everywhere, with a particular focus on safe-access-for-all. It’s no surprise, therefore, that I’m trying to make the book itself as accessible as possible.

In addition to the books I’ve put in Little Free Libraries in metro Atlanta, I’m offering one free book in this Amazon giveaway this week, so be sure to enter. I also give you free bonus resources here.

If you have the means and desire to purchase the book, please know that a portion of all proceeds is donated to help more women and girls ride bikes. Currently, that is going toward the free classes I give (note that REI charges up to $150 per person for a class like this). Meet Ella. Meet Andrea. Based on the support I get moving forward, I hope to expand my ability to have a bigger impact over time, perhaps even by partnering with established organizations who provide free bikes (and more) to those who may benefit from them in many different ways.

IMG_1379.JPGIn addition to the book being currently available on Amazon in all global markets and Barnes and Noble online in the USA, as well as at Lemonade Days April 21-22 in Dunwoody, Georgia’s Brook Run Park, I will eventually be trying to place books with indie and B-Corp bookstores such as Powells and Better World Books online (where my other book, Food for My Daughters, was sold, in addition to elsewhere), in local bookstores, and in libraries for free public access as well, but that’s gonna take awhile. I have a few other ideas up my sleeve. As usual, I’m gonna trust the journey . . .

Bottom line? I need your help. And if you’ve read my book already, you know that one thing at which I’m not good is asking for help. So it’s taking everything I’ve got to ask you to find, buy, read, share, post a positive review on Amazon (if that’s your truth), and help connect me to where the journey’s supposed to take me, and perhaps even all of us, next.