This week’s to-do list

IMG_1757So on this week’s to-do list, I’ve got: Call the investigator who contacted me via certified mail asking me to get in touch about my recent MARTA train police report; send a copy of Traveling at the Speed of Bike to Gay Talese and REI (who/which are both in the book); plot out routes for my Atlantic Station Basic Bike Skills Class for Women; contact Gateway Center to see what aspect of homelessness they want me to cover next; do a virtual book reading to add to Bonus Resources; create free 41046950151_013e7e9899_ogifts-with-purchase for the Lemonade Days book sale; hand-deliver books to the folks thanked in my acknowledgements; ride every day for the nationwide hashtag #30DaysOfBiking while avoiding the known predator who chases women on bikes (with rocks and knives on his body) who was just released from prison and who frequents the exact routes I ride (and who is in the book) . . .

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