You don’t need permission, you know

FullSizeRenderAfter applying for that Chief Bicycle Officer job with the City of Atlanta, I got to liking the title so much that I decided to just give it to myself (being a Take the Lane kind of person and all). So I am now the Chief Bicycling Officer here at Traveling at the Speed of Bike.

What are you waiting for in life for others to bestow upon you? How can you “take the lane” instead? (You don’t need permission, you know.)

Regarding that job, I still hope I get an interview. If they ask me what I would do in various scenarios, my answer is most likely this: (1) First and foremost, I would ride it (most likely not for the first time) to see its current problems and opportunities; (2) I would talk with others who ride it and truly listen to input about their choke points and challenges; and (3) I would pull together the needed expertise to engineer and communicate a proven rubber-hits-the-road solution that I would be comfortable with my daughters or yours riding. That’s it. If that’s not what they want, then I am needed elsewhere. But at least I already have the title.

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