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IMG_3015My 88-year-old friend Rod’s endangered peach trees (the city may cut them down) in a public park where he received permission to do a groundbreaking, potentially industry-changing organic peach tree experiment, are loaded with little fuzzy peaches right now. I rode by them the other day, and then I saw Rod when he gave a presentation at the community garden that he helped start nine years ago.

Last year (the first year the trees fruited—see photo of Rod with one of the peach trees below), someone took all the peaches one night. Some gardens and orchards think adding a lock and keeping people out is the way to go in that situation. I don’t agree. I prefer community engagement and the sharing of abundance, and there are best practices and proven tactics that support this.

So this year, we’re adding this simple sign. Maybe more than one person will get to sample a free public peach this year. And if the city decides to leave these trees alone, maybe people will get to eat peaches from this tree for years.


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