Yes, Bruno

So someone named Bruno Salcedo asked in the comments section of this video about Bike Noodle that I posted on YouTube over a year ago:  Are you still using it? Have you had any trouble with it? I am thinking of installing one myself.

I replied: Hi, Bruno. I use it only when I ride in suburbia. I hate using it, but it continues to eliminate 100% of driver aggression and illegal passing and enables me to get more places more directly, on flatter routes, with lower stress. See chapter 6 (Noodle Lady) in my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike. See Twitter and Instagram photos at #BikeNoodle. See here for link to order the sticker (which you can then personalize).

What Bruno doesn’t know is that it’s Saturday morning and I already have a lump of anxiety in my stomach because there’s a new farmers market at the park two and half miles away from my home in one direction, and an art festival two miles in another direction, both of which I’d like to support but both trips require Bike Noodle and I absolutely hate using it. But you wanna know what I hate doing even more? Driving two miles.

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