IMG_3817The magnolias are blooming, which reminds me of several passages in my book, so I pick a flower from a branch that overhangs into my backyard, I find my copy of Traveling at the Speed of Bike, and I take this photo. But then I need to do something with the flower — the fragrance is too strong for my husband so bringing it in the house is out of the question.

I walk out front to put in on top of my mailbox, thinking it’ll at least make the mail carrier smile. Just then, a woman walks by and I hold the magnolia flower in my outstretched hand.

“Would you like this?” I ask.

She says immediately, “Thank you. Magnolias are the state flower of Mississippi.”

And then I ask the obvious, the inevitable.

“Are you from Mississippi?”

She smiles and replies, “Yes” and holds the bloom to her nose, taking it all in.

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