“I love this book”

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“I read Pattie’s latest book in one sitting, and she has captured the spirit of what a bike can do for one’s body and soul. It’s fun (and easy) to place one’s self on her bike seat as she negotiates her life’s climbs and descents. I chuckled several times, and also found my eyes misting up. I even sang along with Pattie (in my mind) at certain points in her book. As a bike rider in the metro Atlanta area, I can easily personalize many of Pattie’s stories. But they aren’t unique to Atlanta; they are stories everyone can relate to. I love Pattie’s philosophy of get on your bike and enjoy where it takes you. And I love this book. — Walt Haber”

This is the latest review of Traveling at the Speed of Bike. You won’t see it on the Amazon page, however, because this man (who purchased the book from Amazon) was told when he tried to post the review that he hadn’t made enough purchases from Amazon and therefore didn’t qualify to post a review! What???? That is crazy, Amazon!

Thankfully, he has given me permission to post this review here. Luckily, this blog streams onto my Amazon Author page and the review will appear there, at least for a short while. Big thanks, my fellow bike rider. I hope to cross paths with you soon.

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  1. Tjohnson says:

    Awesome review!


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