Year 3: nervous, and ready

LCIPassed.jpgHere in the dark and quiet blank slate of a new week’s dawning, I hit the “submit” button and renewed my League of American Bicyclists membership and League Cycling Instructor (LCI) certification (40 days and nights early, rather Biblically). I then pulled out my book and re-read pages 52 (pictured) and 53, specifically about that  moment I caught my reflection in the mirror in a Midtown Atlanta elevator and could not really believe I had somehow miraculously made it through what to me was a process way beyond my comfort zone. So many things that have happened since then have been equally unnerving, and the ideas I’m considering for Year 3 as an LCI have me nervous already — as they should, because they are new challenges.

You know, it’s not about the bike. Well, for me, it is. But perhaps it is a set of skis or golf clubs or canoe for you. Perhaps it is a fishing rod or baseball bat or dance shoes. Perhaps it’s chef’s knives or paint brushes or drum sticks. There is a scene in the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty that involves a skateboard and a road in Iceland. That’s the feeling, folks, for which we’re going here. Just watch that scene, and remember how your metaphoric skateboard, your “bike in the attic,” used to feel, or how you hoped it would.

And so, on we go. Nervous, and ready.

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