Videos of bike riding (and more) in the City of Dunwoody, Georgia, USA

Vehicles Parked on Sidewalks Impede Walking/Biking to School from Pattie Baker on Vimeo.

Plus, here are my SeeClickFix citizen requests:


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  • \Mt. Vernon Road Dunwoody, Georgia – Dunwoody

    Hi. I see that you have closed the sidewalk where the construction is happening by the Vermack intersection. Just as you allow motor vehicle access, please create pedestrian access (and ensure that no signs are in the way of access). Note there is no sidewalk on the other side of the street so perhaps you could set up a coned lane for pedestrian access next to the travel lane. Many cities actually require continual pedestrian access during construction. Even if Dunwoody does not require it, it sends an important message about your commitment to walkability and access for all, especially those with disabilities, children, and those pushing strollers. Perhaps in the future, providing safe, reliable access at all times could become a way of operating so citizens don’t need to continually request this. Thank you.

  • Perimeter Center West Dunwoody, Georgia – Dunwoody

    Hi! This light does not change at all for a bike rider if there is not a motor vehicle waiting as well. There was even a pedestrian crossing and that person got the white guy icon to cross but my red light never changed. Can Eli adjust the sensor so it recognizes bike riders, as he has done for numerous other intersections? (I’d be happy to meet him, as I have other times, so he cause me as a tester as he adjusts.) Also, the light by the library doesn’t recognize bike riders anymore and does not give the turn signal from Ashford Center Parkway left onto Chamblee Dunwoody heading north. Eli had fixed that once before and it worked great for awhile.

  • Throughout The City Dunwoody, Georgia – Dunwoody

    Hi. I ride my bike all over Dunwoody and many of the bike lanes are relatively unusable (and sometimes downright unsafe) because of the amount of gravel in them. Do you know when the next time the bike lanes will be cleaned will be? I think you have it on a quarterly schedule. If it’s not for awhile, do you think it would be best for me to go around with a broom and clear them myself?

  • 2030-2040 Mount Vernon Road Dunwoody, Georgia – Dunwoody

    Please, please, please tell your contractors and utility workers and others with these big orange signs to stop blocking the sidewalks. Seniors, children, stroller-pushers, those with mobility challenges, and others use this very busy sidewalk, and others throughout our city, daily.

  • Pothole Archived
    5050 Chamblee Dunwoody Road Dunwoody, Georgia – Dunwoody

    There is an enormous pothole in the bike lane and partly in the traffic lane. I am guessing you know about this already, but if not, wow, this is dangerous! (Pictured under my right hand below)

  • 1611-1623 Mount Vernon Road Dunwoody, Georgia – Dunwoody

    The bike lane heading east on Mt. Vernon (in front of the old car wash) is obstructed. This creates a danger for vulnerable road users.

  • 1643 Mount Vernon Road Dunwoody, Georgia – Dunwoody

    The bike lane heading east on Mt. Vernon near the corner of Chamblee Dunwoody is obstructed. See photo. (It is in front of the old car wash)

  • Cut pavement Archived
    1742 Mount Vernon Road Dunwoody, Georgia – Dunwoody

    There is a very long linear cut in the pavement of the east bound bike lane that could catch a thin road tire and cause a very serious accident.

  • Chronic flooding Acknowledged
    5100-5116 Mount Vernon Way Dunwoody, Georgia – Dunwoody

    I may not have the location exactly right, but there are two spots in the westbound bike lane that flood chronically and with the least provocation. This presents a danger to bike riders as there could be hidden additional dangers in the standing water (such as glass, road debris, etc) and it causes them to veer into motor vehicle traffic, which presents a danger to both drivers and bike riders. It also creates a negative pedestrian experience. Perhaps this can be fixed to drain correctly? Big thanks.

  • 1505 Mount Vernon Road Dunwoody, Georgia – Dunwoody

    Hi! It seems like you are in the process of fixing “Pointy,” the bike lane that ends in a point (photo 1) where Ashford Dunwoody merges into Mt. Vernon heading east. I rode it yesterday because I heard there had been work done there (photo 2) and it is impossible to safely navigate on a bike, and is confusing to motor vehicle drivers. Are you adding a signal, stop sign, green paint, and/or any other additional best-practices improvements? If so, do you have an expected completion date? It is currently a death trap for bike riders.

  • 5100 Mount Vernon Way Dunwoody, Georgia – Dunwoody

    Hi. Cones seem to be blocking an open sewer hole as a protection to bike riders, which is nice. However, they cause a bike rider to have to veer closer to the motor vehicles, thereby increasing danger to both bike riders and drivers as drivers must then veer even farther into oncoming traffic to provide the legally-required 3-feet clearance. I am guessing you have ordered a grate for that sewer hole and are just awaiting it to then install and remove the cones. Do you have an anticipated date for that completion? Thanks.

  • 7200-7400 Ashford Center Parkway Dunwoody, Georgia – Dunwoody

    The turning lane arrow does not recognize a bike rider and therefore does not provide a bike rider in the turn lane with a green arrow to turn. This is a 5-minute signal adjustment (you’ve done it for two other intersections with me) and I would be happy to meet a traffic engineer out there so that he/she can calibrate it to recognize a bike. Thanks.

  • On Mt. Vernon Road Where Construction Is Happening Atlanta, Georgia – Dunwoody

    Construction signs are blocking safe and complete sidewalk access unnecessarily. This serves as an impenetrable barrier for those in wheelchairs, and could lead to unsafe choices for those of all ages walking, those pushing strollers, and kids riding bikes. Please ensure safe and predictable sidewalk access during the 9 months of construction in this area. Thanks!

  • Village Parkway Dunwoody, Georgia – Dunwoody

    Am guessing that this will be fixed as the Dunwoody Village Parkway is finished, but just wanted to mention it to be sure. This corner is always flooded (even long after storms) right at the crosswalk, making it difficult to cross the street as a pedestrian, and definitely impossible if you are in a wheelchair. Also, on the other side of the street, the pedestrian button cannot be reached on that pole if you are pushing a stroller or in a wheelchair. Plus, there are no curb cuts across the street from the flooding spot by the pole-you-can’t-reach. Thanks!

  • Corner Of Mt. Vernon And Tilly Mill Road Dunwoody, Georgia – Dunwoody

    If a bike rider is alone at the red light (without a car and driver waiting as well) at this location and at least two others I’ve experienced (N. Peachtree and Tilly Mill, and Chamblee Dunwoody and Roberts), the red light will never, ever change. At this particular intersection, I continually get stuck trying to make a left from Tilly Mill onto Mt. Vernon. The right turning lane is very busy so running over and pushing the pedestrian button is not a safe option. Also, Mt. Vernon is very busy and “running the light” is not a safe option either. Is there a fast, easy way for you to adjust the sensors so that red lights are “bike-friendly”? Alternative routes are no better an option as they all have their own safety issues. Thanks. See my video on YouTube at I have another one from today that I’ll upload as well.

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