A 2-mile ride that may save some lives UPDATED

Join me on this 2-mile ride to run an errand (I’m picking up some photos to send to the grandparents), as I chat with you all about the Vulnerable Road User Ordinance that my suburb-city may adopt as early as next week. If it does, it would be the first city in the southeastern United States to do so. See more about that here. Your support of ordinances like this wherever you may live can help save lives. Thank you.

Here is the email I just sent to my city hall:

Dear Mayor and City Council: I encourage you to support the Vulnerable Road User Ordinance. I have not seen the Second Draft but my hope is that it has minor tweaks from the last version to take into account the concerns and suggestions you offered. I ran a 2-mile/8-minute errand today via bike from my home down Mt. Vernon Road to Dunwoody Village, and I narrated this video to let folks know about the Vulnerable Road User ordinance. Please know that your vote to support a VRU ordinance will save lives, very possibly my own. Thank you.

Trust the journey,


P.S. You must agree from seeing that video that that is no place for families, seniors, and frankly, you or me to be riding. Yet that is what you are claiming as a success when you say that Dunwoody has 10 miles of bike lanes. I would not set foot in them without BikeNoodle. Please consider installing a quick bike lane protector such as this as a pop-up temporary example of what’s possible during this month’s national celebration of what’s called Biketober. It takes very little room and is not expensive. As always, please let me know if I can offer any other help.

Update: People have asked for an example of a ticketable offense using the Vulnerable Road User ordinance. Here’s one:

If interested, here are more videos of Traveling at the Speed of Bike in the city about to pass the first Vulnerable Road User ordinance in the southeastern United States.

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