National #BikeNoodle Day announced for October 30, 2019

fullsizeoutput_2c0eI couldn’t help noticing the advertisements in this photo, juxtaposed against the bike I took down from the attic almost six years ago and my life-saving BikeNoodle*. Find your glow. The freedom you’ve earned. Yes, yes, yes. (Here is what it looked like to run this simple errand via bike, by the way.)

I’m now proud to announce National BikeNoodle Day on October 30th, strategically chosen to encourage more caution from motor vehicle drivers, especially considering that children will be out and about the very next night for Halloween. BikeNoodle also educates drivers as to what three feet (the legal passing distance in most states) actually looks like. (I am always pleasantly surprised that drivers actually thank me at red lights for using BikeNoodle because it helps them judge distance better.) It’s also the second-to-last day of Biketober and two days before the three-year anniversary of when I started using BikeNoodle (that story is in my book).

Let’s show our city leaders, wherever we live in the USA, that we are not going to wait for safety for ourselves or our loved ones anymore. Which city will take the lead? It could be yours. Contact me if you are planning to take a bike ride with a BikeNoodle on October 30 and I’ll add you to a national map. Also, since it is just prior to Election Day, be sure to ask any local candidates (if you haven’t already) what they intend to do to make your city accessible for vulnerable road users. (Please note that a wide range of similar tactical urbanism techniques, such as red cups and toilet plungers — I kid you not —  by people just like you have accelerated change in cities small and large throughout the USA. Why wait twenty years for permanent community-enhancing improvements that benefit everyone that can be achieved in 2020?)

Here’s more about BikeNoodle:

You can get your own BikeNoodle sticker here (or, of course, feel free to make your own). Post photos of your traveling bike lane (taken carefully while stopped or from a mounted/worn camera) on social media tagged #BikeNoodle, and consider sharing stories about your journey leading up to, including, and after National BikeNoodle Day.

Get your own #BikeNoodle sticker to personalize!

And don’t forget to sing!

You may especially enjoy Chapter 6: Noodle Lady in my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike (available through tomorrow night for just 99 cents in the USA/see all global links here). All proceeds enable me to continue to offer free bike classes, particularly to women and girls.

Tilly Mill Road in Dunwoody, GA, USA

Note: This is what has worked for me in the “family friendly” city in suburbia pictured here. I assume no liability for any outcomes of actions you may take as a result of my recommendations. I regret that I have to add this disclaimer, but in our litigious country, this is unfortunately necessary.

* I brought my bike inside because there is no bike rack at this location. nor a local policy requiring them.