Path and pace

Time is short. Need is great. And I don’t do uphill to try to talk people into things that make perfect sense to me. Every country, every city, every person, has a path and pace and when these align, the journey is a joy. I am fully committed to that joy as much as humanly possible (although, granted, that is challenging me right now — I miss my Rode to Joy xylophone mornings).

When I hit a barrier to forward progress, I simply plant a seed of change (metaphorically and literally) and then answer the call elsewhere since someone, somewhere is always ready, and lives  (including our own) depend on hearing and heeding these calls to action.

And so, the city where I live has chosen to wait on providing safe access on streets where drivers are increasing speeding due to lower volumes during the coronavirus crisis, despite the positive decisions other cities have made to support what’s considered essential there during this global crisis.

I have put it out there. Given the idea life. Set it free.

And now, I strap on my Distancing Noodle (formerly known as BikeNoodle) and just try my best here not to get killed.

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