Tree by bike!

fullsizeoutput_1b2bPictured is the view from my body camera (which I was wearing on my back) as I was Traveling at the Speed of Bike home with my Christmas tree yesterday!

As it’s my first holiday season as an empty nester (and, in general, the world’s been feeling a little light on joy lately), I needed to do something different. And this was just what the doctor ordered. I even ran into friends and waved to many passersby. And no driver gave me any trouble at all as I took my little legally-allowed space in the world, either due to the tree or to good ole’ BikeNoodle (which stuck out exactly as far as the tree did).

In case you didn’t know, #TreeByBike is a thing, and people all over the world are doing it (most often on cargo bikes or in bike trailers, but for a 5-to-6-footer, bungee cords on a basic bike rack worked great). Maybe you’ll join us next year?

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