Back on assignment

15522253911_010392399e_oI am working on my new vision board (the last one kicked off 2013* and has been my guiding light for five years now), and am sharing this intention for 2019 with the belief that the world conspires in our favor when we take risks.

Journalism seems to have made a definite comeback (after some very rough years), as there is a stunning array of nonfiction writing being published right now by increasingly diverse voices — and, dare I say, people seem to be reading again. After a few years focusing on my last two books**, I now want to get back on paid assignment in 2019 (in addition to my other bikey stuff).

Farms. Factories. Artists. Inmates. Cities. Even Steve Jobs. You name it; I’ve written about it. I’ve put links to a small selection of my published articles below. I’ll be doing some specific pitches in the coming months, but I just wanted to put this out there in case kismet is connecting you and me right now, dear editor, through the power of social media.

Rod Pittman’s Passion for Farming Never Grows Old

Young Inmates Doing Thyme in the Prison Garden

Why Steve Jobs is Now My Constant Companion

Today’s Most Unknown Agricultural Crisis

Sustainability: Coming to a City Near You

Bike Friendly in a Blink

Don’t Take a Vacation from Your Principles — Check into a Green Hotel

In Search of Princess Slothgirl, and Other Zoo Tales

Cool Jobs on the Set, and the Women Who Have Them

Food as Art (Profile of Artist Norm Citron)

Feeling Cheesy?

“Yes, Virginia, One Person Can Make a Difference” (A Day in the Life of a Gleaner)

On a Wing and a Prayer (hang tight— this is one of my favorites but I have to make a PDF of it)

* Here is my last vision board. So much of it has come to fruition.


**Stranger Things Happen and Traveling at the Speed of Bike



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