Safer than suburbia

The six-minute video above shows the same length of time it would take me to ride to the supermarket in suburbia. But Edgewood Avenue in the City of Atlanta, even with all these obstacles (on the night before the Super Bowl when I was commuting home after leading a bike tour), is safer. Nothing in the recently-updated twenty-year Master Transportation Plan for the City of Dunwoody changes that*.  You can find out more about that, and how you can help make it safer for people to go about their lives in this suburb-city or in the community where you live, in my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike. You are needed

* nor are there plans to make the eight-minute ride to Brook Run Park or the ten-minute ride to Dunwoody City Hall safe-for-all.

Note: I cover the road skills you see in the video (such as following road rules, riding in a straight line, signaling, lane-changing, taking the lane, switching gears, avoiding hazards such as right hooks, and more) in my classes. Yes, even if a road has a bike lane, you end up needing to know these skills.